Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's cooking doc?

Yes, I'm officially back on track! That too after almost two months! Ok, I now decided that I have to dedicate atleast one post to something that has made my life worthful, all these years! :) FOOD!!!!!! The very mention of that word has made my mouth water. From sizzling dosas to cheese-dripping pizzas, payasams to chocolate mousse, thayir sadam(yes!!) to penne pasta, I have enjoyed it all! Right now I'm craving for a simple fruit juice/iced tea (hello! its summer dude!) Go on, you may think I'm a gluttonous child, but I prefer to call myself food-connoisseur/food critic/foodie yadda yadda so on.......
Seriously, one of the best smelling places in the world has to be my kitchen! From aromatic garlic-rasams to vathal kozhambu, even the smell of 'thalichifying' for rasam/kootu makes me feel heavenly. Even the lowly thayir-saadam (though I prefer not to call it that way!) makes it presence felt, especailly during summer. With pickles as combo, its a feast for summer! A perfect nectar , as my dad would call it.
Mangoes are the most sought-after fruit in summer (ok, that was obvious!) and one can experiment a lot with them. Lets see, for eg. mango smoothie, mango mousse, mango cocktails, mango icecream, mango rice, mango pachadi (even though for some reason I hate it!) and so on.....
Italian cuisine is my all-time favourite, even though its a bit bland (you see my food needs a fire-extinguisher =] ) it has a lot of flavour. Pastas are my love! Authentic Italian pizzas are good! Antipastis, gnocchi, espresso, gelato etc ..... Spanish or Mexican cuisine is also another favourite of mine. Indian cuisine is always there so I didnt write much about it. Food is a way of life, for some, a culture. In my next post I'm gonna concentrate on World Cuisines!
Anyway I could go on and on and on...... I hope to be a food-critic someday! Think I'll stop here, my mangoes are waiting for me!
Let the feast begin!!