Friday, October 9, 2009

What's on my mind.......

A lot of things have happened in the last 2-3 months. Most of it, I didn't think it would happen and didn't think a harmless quiz competition would be the cause. But that's life I guess. Most unexpected things catch up with you only to shock you and of course make you change for the better. I have a different perspective towards life right now and its kind of sudden. The future does seem scary and so near and I almost have no clue what to do. Everything is changing at lightning speed and so are everyone. Sometimes I wish I could escape to a foreign country or go into hiding. I want a change in life. Something that makes life more interesting, more worthwhile, more fun!! And I've learnt one thing that is really important - people come and go in your life, nobody is permanent, rather nothing is. Except of course for change.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Inter-nay-shunal Re-lay-shuns :)

She can put Webster's dictionary to shame. Shakespeare you may now officially turn in your grave. English professors can remedy THEIR english. Fancy that! Introducing *drum roll* our very own in-house english expert - Rats!
You may think I am exaggerating (well I do at times) but not this time! We wait for her classes like a parched throat waiting to quench its thirst. Err okay anyway. She enters. And starts.
"German is angry with France so it declares waaar with France."
"Eerup was divided into 2 during the waeld waar"
"Yu Yes and Yu Yes Yes Aar are the two countries that faced the COLD (with stress) waar"
"Arj" (urge for the uninitiated :P)
"Thalaai Lama" (Oh come one!!)
"Apoorva, it's no loaf-ing may-ter!" (No she was not talking about a baker!)
"Etaalee" (def not Bruce Lee's place of birth!)
"Anjana I think you will hey-ve to may-ree and orpun!" (poor Anjana! while we all laughed our lungs out!)
"Re-yally ma"
"Disintegra-shun of Soveyet Yuniyun"

Research courtesy: Poofy, Snapple, Adefal and yours truly :)
Will meet you next time with Rats Dictionary!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Funny sunny!

Summer's here! No need to look surprised though. I've always loved summer, even though it makes me sweat like a pig. Rainy days are a total bore, they're okay once in a while. Summer is like my season (though it is the only season in Chennai!) the reason being I've felt really comfortable with summer than with monsoon. Indeed summer does make you sweat, sticky and forces you to stay in the confines of your house till about 4 pm, monsoon has never been this fun. Sure you can make paper boats and let them float in the stray water or snack on something hot but the no. of holidays in summer are more. Ha! Beaches, water theme parks, part-time jobs and vacations are always more fun in the summer. Fashion trends are more popular in the summer too. Be it shorts or 'gouchos' or half-trousers, it is most comfortable and of course fashionable in the summer, not to mention practical too!! The pleasure of sipping juice while reading comics or watching tv can never be bought or beat by summer. I vote for summer being declared as the national season of the country. (if such a thing exists!) No other season has probably excited me as much as summer does. Summer in Chennai, as the joke goes, is year-round; maybe thats why its hated so much by enlarge. So I'm not gonna waste more time and I'm off to celebrate the splendour and joy of summer!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green Tea <3

Whats the one drink I love right now? It's not beer, it's not vodka and it's def. not apple juice! (sorry apple juice! :[) It's Green Tea!! :) Aaaand it's awesome!! I know it tastes bitter and all that, but once you get used to it, it tastes just fine. I got introduced to thanks to my neighbour, who randomly pressed two teabags into my hand and said, "Drink this, it's green tea. And it's good," which I did. And right now I'm like addicted to it! It's such an easy process, even a child can make it :P It's supposed to make you lose weight, but I'm not sure if that happened, but would be ecstatic if it did!!!! It's like a great way to end meals, the Japanese do it that way!! Green tea is like SO amazing, it's the way to go. It's so awesome and I fricking love it!! I dunno if it has replaced coffee. I love green tea. I'm going on the record to say it. I love it. Did I mention I love it?
Green Tea rules. Period.

P.S. Sorry coffee!! :(