Friday, June 29, 2012

BOTD - 2

I skipped a day I know. I'm terribly bad at following up with let's say stuff. Also since I have so much time to kill, I don't really feel the need to keep myself busy, in other words I'm lazy and cannot get my ass off that couch.

Now back to the post. Today I'm featuring: Mugshot-Monday.

Hello, this is HAS to be the coolest website I've seen since bookshelfporn. A-what-now? Bookshelves ok? That's the only kind of porn I watch, anyway that website is for later. Back to Mugshot for now.

The description says its all: "A collection of really rad folks and their mugs" and I couldn't agree more. Forget Monday, I'd drool over this everyday, wouldn't you? You can send your mugshot as well. Apparently this site also helps people find their partners, networks and if you're lucky--a job! (That reminds me I must send my mugshot, I'd get lucky maybe.)

The website filter mugshots by cities in the U.S so if you want to see how mugs differ from city to city, there you go. It also profiles people featured. To sum up great looking mugs, go get your drool on then!

Ooh my favorite mug is bright canary yellow, what color is yours?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New series - BOTD (Blog of the day)


I'm going to start a series where I feature blogs/tumblrs dedicated to things I adore such as books, coffee, clothes, shoes and bags, cupcakes and pretty much everything that catches my fancy.

Today I'm featuring: Prettybooks. You don't really need a stronger reason than the tumblr's title: Books!

One of my favorite posts features a girl cribbing to a guy on reading a book. She says that once she starts reading she'll eventually get to the end of it and that'll be it. The guy asks her to re-read it and I love her answer to that: "But this is the ONLY chance I'll ever have to read the book for the FIRST time!"

I agree. Some books are special and I feel sad when I finish them. Of course I can always re-read them but it doesn't beat reading them for the first time, finding out the plot, falling in love with the book and its characters, living their lives and then come back to reality with a bang. I also have this nasty (as some people call it) habit of reading the last few pages first to find out how the book ends. I know, I know I can see the daggers in your eyes, but hey I'm *extremely* impatient and this is one habit I cannot get rid of.

I'm currently re-reading Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. I'm an out-and-out Hercule Poirot fangirl, I adore his egg shaped head and his oily mustache! I'm also working on building a collection of Hercule Poirot mysteries so if you have any of them and if you're going to get rid of it, please do give it to me! I'll be thankful.

Which book are you currently re-reading? And what is your nasty book habit (if you have one)!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Four years!

*Tan ta ra tananana tan ta ra and drumroll*

Whoa it's been four years since I started blogging and I didn't realize it!

Before you think today is the anniversary of my blog, let me clarify by stating that my first post was on the 25 of February 2008. I took a random peek at all my posts and went back to the very first post on a whim and behold 4 years has passed by.

And how many posts in 4 years? 200? 356?


A mere 79. [This includes all the drafts that are waiting to be posted and some blank posts that I have to delete, please remind me dear non existent reader(s).]

I can attribute this tardiness to only one thing. Procrastination. As some people close to me point out (I think it's my inner self, really) I put the 'pro' in procrastination. And also on some days I'm not all that creative or thoughtful. No mood I guess. Meh.

But this blog has seen me through my productive days, non productive days, romantic days (yeah, right), hungry ones, downright bored days, sleepy days and the like. I want to give a senti speech and all that but I'm never one for sentiments except for that one time when I was watching Harry Potter with cousin, sister and friend in the theatre and I cried like a baby when Dobby died. (Also said cousin embarrassed me by yelling, "ARE YOU CRYING? SHEESH!)

So, right. This is one of the things that keep me going and though updating it is not a routine it is a necessity, an enjoyable one at that!

YAY. May you go on strong like the ammi kal* in my balcony, which has been hidden thanks to enormous money plant sitting right on it.

P.S. This makes it my 79th post, but who's counting?

Ammi kal = grinding stone

Because he loved her

Her lashes blinked rapidly. As she looked at the rain-stained window, two raindrops were racing each other, "racing against time," she thought. She shook her head and went back to work. He was here again to oversee his subordinates. "Always here," she muttered. She watched him with complete annoyance as he walked here and there, cracking jokes and laughing with his head thrown back. How was it that people always surrounded him? And how does he talk to everyone? Why do they all talk to him? Questions ran through her head, she felt dizzy and sat down. "As long as he doesn't interfere with my work I'm content." As she finished muttering to herself, he stood right before her with a questioning glance. 

-"Where is the article you were supposed to hand in two days ago?"
- "It's on your table. I finished it a day earlier."
- "Oh. I couldn't find it then, make another copy and give it to me right away."
- "Why don't you search for it, in any case I don't want to waste paper." (Did I say waste paper, god that is the worst comeback ever!)
- "Those environment-friendly types you are? You can worry about saving the planet from tomorrow, right now I want the article."
- "Fine, I'll give it to you but after that I'm going home."

He watched her move around quickly to the printer. He stared at her fixedly and made no attempt to hide his amusement at her clumsiness. Laughing pointedly, he addressed her, "God! I've seen enough. Here, let me do it." As he pulled the paper out of the printer, she watched with irritation. "This is how you print an article," he remarked. Grabbing the paper out of his hand, she hurriedly wrote her name and gave it to him. "I have to leave now, if there's anything else you have to tell me give me a call. My number is on the desk."

Still staring at her, he took the paper and grinned at her. "Sure I'll give you a call," he called back after her. She walked on ignoring him. He stared happily. 
Sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate and a book she felt relieved to be sitting inside her house, away from the cold rain. She was disturbed by her phone vibrating. Looking over her book she recognised the number as his. She picked the phone with a sense of trepidation. Wondering what he might want, she casually said:

- "Hello, who is this?"
- "So you don't recognise my voice now."
- "Oh it's you. What do you want?"
- "You asked me to call if there's anything else and so I did."
- "And what is it?"
- "I love you, always have, always will. Watching you print that article today only made me fall for you even more."
Silent tears at her end.
- "Are you there? Did I scare you away? Hello, hello"
- "Yes I am. Just wondering."
- "Why I love you? I have a thousand reasons..."
- "No. Why it took you so long to admit it."
Laughter at his end. 

Travel for travel's sake and all that

I think my rants deserve a whole new blog, one isn't enough. Of course, for me the grass is always greener on the other side; the stars are brighter in another country and the cake tastes better when someone else is having it.

While I'm stuck at home with nothing to do (okay I can join some classes to keep myself occupied) people are traveling. You heard that right! My inner Parisian-Spaniard-Italian has desires too, you know. I've always wanted to travel since I learnt how to read and write. I've also wanted to be a chemist since I learnt the word (no, not "medical shop owner" as some of you know it and make it a point to tease me with) but that didn't happen, marks in Chemistry weren't THAT great. But traveling I can do no? Just have to cough up some money, that's all. I'm also open to people who are willing to sponsor me, so if you're out there please drop in a message or something. Don't dally. Chop chop and all that.

For a long time I didn't quite understand the obsession with Paris, frankly (the city, not the girl). And then Gossip Girl happened. I know, I know I can see a lot of you raising eyebrows. But the serial did have some gorgeous views of the city. And after that "Midnight in Paris" happened, it pays to be a Woody Allen fangirl! The scene where Owen Wilson and Marion Cotillard walk and share their thoughts about Paris, I think I became a convert.  As many of you know I'm not a big fan of rain (I hate rainy days actually) but hearing Wilson describe how beautiful Paris is in the rain made me fall for the city hook, line and sinker. Darius Khondji's cinematography is to die for. Paris in the rain is breathtaking! (Quick Google some images and you'll see)

Spain's party life intrigues me the most. I took Spanish classes for a year for the sole purpose of visiting the country so that it becomes easier for me to converse and make my way around it. But it has been almost three years now and I haven't got a start. Our classes involved how to ask for help from strangers, how to order food in a restaurant-especially if you're a vegetarian, understanding football commentary and watching movies.  Ten years from now if I haven't visited this beautiful, hot country I will shave my head and pierce my nose. This is a sathyam-on-burning-karpooram.

And Italy for food. Bellissima and La Dolce Vita is all I can manage for now. If I remember other words I shall call. I also make excellent pasta. Don't believe? Ask the sister, mother and fraands (they always have my back or so I assume). I'm attempting Tiramisu and once I perfect it, I'll call David Rocco to taste it. I'm sure he'll come and bring his hot wife (sometimes I watch the show only to drool at her, she is HOT ok!)

Oh oh how can I leave UK out of the equation. To me the land is all about books, castles, charming men in plaid and tweed coats with elbow patches, self-deprecating humor and accents that floor you till no end. No? Sigh, I've always wanted to study there and I came *this* close to studying there in 2008 (I think) but financial problems happened, story cut short. My secret desire is to be educated in Oxford and  assist Woody Allen with script writing. #Posh, as someone I know would call it. But a girl can dream.

I guess United States of the Amrika has to be mentioned. One word: Manhattan. Two words: Gossip Girl. Three words: Upper East Side. See you at the other end! 'Ta!

Mark Twain always has this uncanny knack of saying the right things, don't you think so? So it's only fitting that he sums up this post. (It's like he meant this quote for me)

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Thursday, June 21, 2012

23 and whiny

Cougar Town Season 3 has come to an abrupt end (I did not see this coming)! To think that I was faithfully following that show due to lack of things to do. Damn, I'm disappointed. My night routine has become amiss. To even think I had a routine is quite ridiculous actually.

I have now been reduced to watching *gasp* How I Met Your Mother. Such a shame. I'm sorry but I don't think I agree when people ask me to watch "that awesome show, which has awesome characters in it." Okay so Robin's hot, Barney's funny, Ted's cute and Lily and Marshall make for an adorable couple, but that's about it. The plot line is mind numbingly the same every day. "Kids, ........." but Ted never meets the mother of his children. NEVER. But I'm thinking this will be a good story to tell my kids, "Kids, in the summer of 2012 your mother was SO jobless and Cougar Town got cancelled that she had to watch How I Met Your Mother. Please don't judge her."

And this new Masterchef Australia sucks. And can someone download all seasons of Mad Men and give it to me please? Pretty please.

Yes, I turned 23 three days back. Yay, or not. Anyway got 24 cupcakes and a purse from someone kind enough to gift me. Birthday eve saw me go to a sleepover with my friends, saw me cut a cake called 'Chocolate Rambo' and saw 'Rock of Ages' I haven't seen Tom Cruise like this in ages, I think none of has! Alec Baldwin sings, okay? That's reason enough to go watch the movie, if not for rock!

My hair now resembles Einstein's - unruly and unkempt. Well I have nothing to do so daily maintenance of my hair seems like such a waste of time, don't you think so? I'm also thinking of buying a much-needed bookshelf with the non-existent money I have. I can at least spend time in arranging and re-arranging them.

I'm going to end this with a question: Sometimes when I'm incredibly bored, I brush my teeth. Does that make me immensely weird?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Among other thoughts, salted ice cream

... that is how frozen yogurt tastes like.

Tomorrow marks a month of me being jobless, but who's keeping count, right? And BTW, jobless does not mean being bored in this context, when I say jobless, I mean it. No job, no work, nothing to do. Bored out of my mind. Want to smash some jam jars on the wall or anything else that's easily breakable. I need a change, after all that's what I live for.

It did happen, I'm not denying that. I just don't know how much of a change it is though. Last week ( happened in a flash (hope I'm not dreaming). I'm not going to explain how I "feel" about it, not here anyway.

You know these Hollywood films where they show a depressed man/woman (mostly the lead) lying down on the couch in their pajamas, hair unkempt and tousled, holding the television remote in on hand and Ben & Jerry's with a spoon on the other? Describes my state of being perfectly, except I'm not holding Ben & Jerry's. Kwality Wall's maybe. Well, who am I kidding. I have a controlled diet and I Hello, I go jogging every morning at 6, OK? OK.

As if things couldn't get worse, all my friends are employed and occupied. I'm not jealous, I'm NOT. Stop staring at me like that. How can they be busy when I'm trying so hard to find something to do. I've tried reading, sleeping, listening to music, watching TV (Cougar Town's finally hooked me), writing but that SIMPLY does not do it. Hmpf and people are just too busy to make time for me. Wait till I get a job and unleash the err... busy-ness back to them!

Anyway how long does defrosting yogurt take? I'm DAMN hungry. grrr.

So, to shake up things I'm not going to justify this post. How's that for a change, huh?

I need a life.