Monday, February 25, 2013

List, list, list!

So currently ODing on Explore. Such a wonderful website, especially if you adore literature. Well don't worry if you're quite the opposite, you'll come to love literature once you go through this site. In this post, I'm going to pick out my favourite lists on writing and well, life. (Will keep updating as and when I come across good ones. You can also send me your picks.)

Moving on, this is an oldie but a goodie! Orwell always has the right thing to say on writing. So if you're a writer go through this.

Yet another writer I love is F Scott Fitzgerald (author of The Great Gatsby etc., alternatively you can also check out Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris). He wrote a letter to his daughter on things that she needn't worry about. Last night this boosted my confidence and made me feel much better.

Here's one more list on how to write by ad legend David Ogilvy of Ogilvy & Mather.

Henry Miller's 11 commandments

Sunday, February 24, 2013

On love

Inviting comments/thoughts/definitions on what you think/feel/know is love.

To keep things interesting, compile it within 140 characters. I'll put it in a post.

Do spread the word, I'd like to know what you all have to say.



Till date the biggest I've received is: too diplomatic

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Happens when you least expect it,
happens when you're at your strongest
the tears that follow determine
what happens next.


Not able to come up with more stanzas. If you do, please leave them as comments!

Readling list

Have to finish these, just have to (By March at least)

1. The Rozabal Line - Ashwin Sanghi
2. Penguin's selection of Mahabharatha short stories
3. Sita's Ascent - Vayu Naidu
4. The Naming of the Dead - Ian Rankin
5. A Road Less Travelled - Pradeep Chakravarthy
6. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens

Why not

What is wrong about having a botched CV?
Or leaving your job in the first few months to think about what you *really* want?
What is SO wrong about being confused?

Maybe I haven't figured it all, maybe I'm being lazy. Maybe I like my incomplete CV.

Sometimes it doesn't really matter does it? You have all these ambitions and goals you set out to achieve, start building a tower of cards but a gust of wind knocks it down. You start again only to realise that the wind persists and knocks it down, again. Starting from the bottom of the pyramid is the toughest but at least you're in the game. Also, I don't get hazaar people giving gyaan like "oh but think about your CV, it's going to look bad," or "work for 6 months, it'll be effective on your CV," "just grit and plough on." While all of this does makes sense, why haven't I got one that goes, "just be happy in what you're doing?" But I've also learnt one thing on the side. Why wait to hear something like this? It's ok to be confused, to not know what you want (but not for long). Whatever happens today (and everyday) happens for a reason, good or bad. Whatever happens, I will move on. Start afresh.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I've never thought of myself as a person who inspires others, I mean the thought of it is just plain funny! But two wonderful people have described me as motivating and inspiring them to get off their ass and blog. Er.. well maybe just sit on their ass and blog/write. But what this has done (apart from bringing a single tear in my eye) has in turn motivated me to write more and often. As non-readers of this blog, I know I'm nothing but frequent in updating the blog. However, such wonderful compliments should not be ignored. Which is why I shall write more posts. MOAR.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Dear Space-above-my-head,

All I ever want is to be happy. To go through everyday with a big smile on my face, to love my job like it's the best thing that ever happened. No, I don't want to change the world and such but I'd love to travel the world. I finally understand that living in the moment is not something to be really proud of and at the same time not something to be ashamed of, but that planning for a life ahead can do wonders. Now, I'm not depressed but I'm sad, angry, frustrated and irritated with myself that I didn't plan ahead. By living so much in the moment that I forgot to plan for the future; not a plan for when I'm 50 and I'll live on my retirement fund (yeah right), but what-I'd-like-to-be-doing-when-I'm-25-above. At least to get out of my parents' hair. And to top it all, Google promptly informs me that I'm going through a quarter life crisis.

Quarter life crisis: Experienced in one’s twenties, involving anxiety/fear/confusion over the direction and quality of one’s life.

So that. I tried putting together a list of what I want to do, but I couldn't get past two points and I got distracted, as always. I've found it so tough to concentrate on most tasks, unless it involves reading or cooking. Even this post started at 9.30 pm, it's 11.34 pm and I'm still working on it. (Back to rant, back to rant.)

It should be about me right? MY future, MY life, MY money etc. But it's not. My meagre salary is not going to help fill all the loans but it is something. And the experience that I need to shift to a job that I've always wanted and that will happen only if I stick to one thing. And whether I like it or not (now, I mean) I will get married. Let's face it, there's no escaping that. So it'd really suck if I was still confused career-wise and that might bring out all the imbalances.

But most of all, I should be happy, right? Happiness counts. And yes it's like a butterfly that rests on your shoulder when you're not chasing after it, but shouldn't you really chase after what you want?

I'm just drowning in self-doubt really. Someone just put me out of my misery and tell me what to do. Or don't. This is one decision I have to make for myself.



Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reality check

Never thought it'd come to this; where I'd have to do justice to the title of my blog. But I guess it's for the best right? I mean, I'm always this confused, confused girl. I have second thoughts about most decisions (only because a better one always comes along!). And I still haven't realised what I want, I'm sure I'm always going to be searching for something. But I demand instant happiness, especially from a career that I will love and cherish and till death do us part. And so two weeks ago when my health scared me, into a cave, and made me realise that work isn't everything, I'm now sitting back and pondering on the reality check that dear life has to offer me.

1. Life's too short (yeah yeah done before, I know)
2. Know what you want. At least a vague idea just to answer people's questions.
3. Learn to say NO. (This one's a toughie)
4. Laugh, a lot. Love, a lot. Forget, all the time.
5. Eat, no matter what happens. And protect your lunch from nasty-always-hungry-colleagues.
6. Read before you go to sleep. Just about anything.
7. Chill (I don't know how else to word this)