Monday, April 19, 2010

Epic fail

Battered and bruised after a 5 minute marathon waxing of both hands at the SAME time

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The perfect love story?

A tall, dark and handsome guy meets a fair, beautiful lass and falls for her dazzling smile. Their first meeting begins with cold stares and ego fights but that leaves the guy wanting for more. Enraptured by her beauty and personality, he slowly begins to fall in love with her. After a series of run-ins that end in arguments, they cool things off later. She discovers that he is a wealthy, philanthropist without a family and craves for all the love he can get. He finds out that behind her steely and serious image, she is a romantic at heart. They then take their 'relationship' to the next level and find out that they are indeed right for each other (which includes a night of hot lovemaking and endless talking). Then comes the drama. A misunderstanding about his past (might include his ex) or a comment he made against her before he fell in love with her, comes up. Brief separation prevails and the two of them long for each other. A chance meeting later, they reunite. And so they live happily ever after. Sigh if only all our lives ended like a Mills and Boons story!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Currently reading

The Rainmaker - John Grisham and a guide on Organic Chemistry!
Also shuffling between comics and the quintessential newspaper!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mellu madness!

Now that Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya is out, people have once again become besotted with the phenomenon that is mallu. Yup yours truly is ranting and raving bout it too, as her dad has been always obsessed with it to add to the matter. While I haven't seen the film (and probably won't) I'm totally fixed on one song Omana Penne :) So everyone likes it, what's the big deal you may ask. Granted that I'm not like everyone else, my true-blue carnatic soul has become attached to it! Not that you have to learn carnatic music to like the song, but it does help in appreciating it. Omana penne is composed in Bilahari ragam, one of my personal favourites! Never before have I appreciated a Nadaswaram in all its glory, the closest is in a wedding. The nadaswaram bit in the ending is one of the many reasons and the first that I'm completely hooked onto this song and play it in a loop, again and again and again. It somehow reminds me of joyous times and pleasant beginnings, lifts my mood in an instant! I can replay it in my head any time I want.
Aaromale is another song from the same film to capture my interest. Ranking second in my list this is also based on ragam, which I'm yet to find out (I'm sure Google will help me in my quest) The way it starts, with the guitar strumming, has a very grungy feel to it. And it slowly moves into carnatic. The chorus has a distinct feel to it, and the song is unusually unstructured unlike the pallavi-charanam formation found in almost all songs.
Listening to these songs is a must for me everyday, helps me cheer up (and also reminds my mum to resume music classes for me!) and refresh. Waiting to tell my dad about these advancements, I'm sure it will please him as it involves Malayalam.