Thursday, August 19, 2010


Life. A 4 letter word that has me laughing sometimes, crying sometimes but leaves me confused and puzzled most of the times.

Mumbai Ho! (Pre departure)

I'm muchly excited! 'Cause I'm leaving to Mumbai tomorrow evening. Mumbai-my birthplace, my Vada-Pav-Mumbai!
I once ate Vada Pavs the whole day and never got tired of it. I can never get tired of it! Even on the phone today with my cousins I spoke about the joy of eating Vada Pav, till no end. Also my kutti cousin promised to bring back Vada Pavs from her school (cause they make the best ones according to her!)
Long walks along the Nerul highway is another thing I enjoy. Going to the local dairy wala to buy curd, or the pani puri seller to snack a few or to play football in the rainy, muddy and slushy streets in Nerul are things I miss the most!
But the real reason I'm going to Mumbai is to attend my cousin's Upanayanam! (thread ceremony) 
So before I go here's wishing Dear Madras a very Happy Birthday! (This shall have its own post soon)

P.S. The writer wishes to painfully note that she won't be attending the Madras Quiz on 22nd August. To other lucky idiots: Have fun and good luck! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

As good as it gets

It's been almost 2 weeks since I started working, and I'm feeling dreary already. The routine has got to me. And to top it all, my computer refuses to work. And I have to shuttle from Nungambakkam to Guindy, 6 days a week. By the time I'm home, I'm bushed. 

But on the other hand it keeps me occupied. From 8 to 8, round the clock. I've learnt a good lot about commerce and economics (still no expert on the subject, though) Covering events are part of the routine. Which means: Good food at almost every event. Especially when the invite mentions Taj, Le Royal Meridien etc.

Almost quit watching television. For starters I have no time and even if I do, the TV is hogged by dad/sister/grandparents. Meh. And even if I do watch I'm honestly getting tired of watching news. Who wants to watch Arnab-in-your-face-shouting-with-papers-in-his-hand when you're home from a tiring schedule? Or Sagarika and her nonsensical questions and self-made replies. Really. I'd rather watch some cooking shows and ease off, or some football. 

Bottom line is: I'm glad I have something to do. Whether it's travelling round the city or sitting at office (and goofing around) life's going good :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quick update

Have got a job, working in a business-economist magazine. First week of work was fun and keeps me really busy. Also my computer at work sucks, big time. So I'm having a hard time existing without a proper computer, I use my friend/colleague's for the time being. 
Okay at this point, I dunno what more to say.
Think I'll update later.