Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Wish I could just sink right into the floor..... I'm just angry with some people right now.... No, actually, its me who I'm angry with! Im so sad right now, that I'm cursing a whole lot of people. Something must be really wrong with me, but I can't figure out what!! I hate myself for this. I can be, rather, I am a VERY moody person. Anything or anyone can put me off. I'm just too good at being moody and people hate me for that, they think I'm a bitch! And being a Gemini I just can't live without people. I have to actually care about what others think about me and blah... Loads of people have given me advice in that department :) Trust me.... I can cry at the snap of a finger and laugh like craaazy! I always wish things would happen in my favour, but I fail to realise the other nice stuff happening to me.... I must be real weird! I actually am!! I'm pretty deluded. Confused most of the time :S I'm SO low on confidence I swear, and I go on advising people like I'm a pro, like a motivator who conducts these self-motivating classes. So what I did is to blare out music, like crazily loud, so that people ask me to switch it off! Sometimes I just hate everything around me and I feel like venting out my frustration on others!! Sheesh this is SUCH a depressing post :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

Light of my life!

Yayyyyyyyyyyy!! Light of my life!! Finally found it! :) Nope. Not a guy! Sheesh!! Candles. Scented ones at that!!! So it has to be Lights of my life.... Hmm..... Anyway back to candles.... I just went to Landmark and Big Bazaar to check out some stuff with Nandita, when I fell in LOVE with these guys!! (candles, I mean) They are totally awesome! In sooooo many variants - strawberry, lemon, orange, lavender..........blah blah......I make a trip to these places only to check out these beauties. Did I mention I'm in LOVE with them? So this is going to be my new hobby! (yeah right my unfinished 333rd ones are left waiting for me!) I'm going to collect candles! Someone, anyone help meeeeee!!!!! Get me candles, please :) Any variety, any shape, any size, any flavour, any brand..... And no usual white coloured uptight straight ones that we use when there's no power! Thats a strict NO! I just friggin LOVE them :) :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yeah aaarrrgghhh is right! Some people make you think that, all the time!!! You'd wish they'd be more of this or more of that, but NO!! They dont want to be, for what joy? I have no clue. But they just CAN'T CHANGE!! You'd almost be forced to think that they're not interested right? Nope, actually they are or maybe-but noooo they won't show it out! Some problem they've got no? Believe me they do! They just get on your nerves! Like we don't have enough of our own problems. Wish we could just scream at them and put some ideas into their head ;) or give them a hint or atleast pray they get it right!! Only wish it comes at the right time..........