Monday, July 30, 2012

23 things about turning 23

As long as I'm distracted, procrastinating and listening to jazz I might as well document this before it's too late. Who knows I might turn 24 in another 11 months!

1. The most obvious one goes first: Being a girl and seeing almost everyone on your FB getting married, I was swamped with pictures and updates. That's OK, because I didn't succumb to pressure. Just keep your head up and walk away, but don't forget to stop and appreciate the pictures!

2. I realized who my *real* friends are. Not just the ones who can make time for you, but the ones with whom you can be comfortably silent. Even if you go by long periods without talking, you both know where to start.

3. The big C affected my life in a big way: career. Changes things a lot. Currently being self-employed (my friend asked to me change it instead of half-employed) makes me appreciate the fact that a job is worth having. You may crib, rant and rave about it, but trust me it's worth having one; let's you take the focus off other problems.

4. Travel, travel, travel! Enough has been written, spoken and discussed about it. So travel when you can (this applies a LOT to me). I firmly believe that one shouldn't settle down before one has seen quarter of the world at least. Life experiences are a must.

5. I got my heart broken, and not just necessarily by the opposite sex. What I thought was real only got shattered, friends who seemed trustworthy showed their true colors.

6. Discovered that I'm an awesome wingwoman. Period.

7. Also realized that it's tough for me to say no to people I care about. Don't ask me why, but it's definitely not because I want to please people. I just love them way too much.

8. After being in an unrewarding friendship for 4 years, I realized I *can* be as patient as, to mildly put it and no offence, nature. In that period, I wasn't all that short tempered, rash and hasty as I used to be. I've learned to be patient for the good and also sometimes during wrong situations (which I'm trying to remedy)

9. Some people, no most people, aren't worth it.

10. I've made peace with my past, which in turn has worked out to my benefit! I've accepted things as they are, especially in tense situations. When you embrace it, nothing can worry you!

11. Hostel life has taught me a lot. Late night parties, talking with friends, soul searching conversations during power cuts, getting high, losing weight, falling in love with a new city and its dosais and all that will always remain in my memory. I don't know about friends for life, but there are a couple of them who I believe I will walk a long distance with.

12. I think I've finally found what I want to do. My passion and a way to earn my daily bread: Writing. I know I'm not that all that great, my blog doesn't have a million followers neither does my Twitter account, but there are some kind people out there who love the way I write and that's enough.

13. Sometimes people want to help you, no matter how much you dissuade them from doing so. I've tried arguing with them, but they refuse to budge. But I guess that's all right.

14. I have also found a person who patiently listens to me and then disagrees with me, a person who tries not to get angry with me but then has that moment where the person loses control, and then gets back to normal and forgets all about it, a person who smothers me with affection and encourages me to talk about whatever bothers me (and then advises me) and a person who cracks insane-but-bearable mokkais.

15. Started to jog and trying to keep a routine in place. I miss it on some days but I try to keep up.

16. Even if it's a cliche, travelling alone is a revelation even for short distances. For instance, I made a bus-friend, a Manipuri who loves Tamil films! Our bus got delayed by 3 hours and we reached Chennai by 1 am. Helped her get a cab and saw to it that she reached home safe. Now if that's not an adventure, I don't know what is!

17. I love my mother with each passing day and I miss my father (even though we fight a lot and end up yelling at each other, him at me more than the other way around). My sister is one of the funniest and beautiful persons I'll ever meet.

18. Strangers make an impact. While covering a story, mother of the subject was shocked to learn that I had left music after 6 years and urged me to take it up.

19. I've realized that books are my greatest comfort and are only the permanent inheritance I can pass on to my children/near and dear ones.

20. I have mixed reactions about children and I don't know if I want to have in the near future. Pets are a bigger and firmer no.

21. I absolutely adore cooking, especially for others. When it comes to me I'm really lazy to get up and make something. But if anyone else is hungry or wants to something to eat, I find myself whipping something up for them. Gives me the greatest joy!

22. As much as I'm a tomboy in certain aspects, I'm a total girl in others. Like shoes and bags (maybe not designer ones but cheap imitations are good enough for now).

23. Life's too short to have a grudge, a drink can solve most problems, laughing at myself is fun, a sarcastic comment does wonders, taking revenge is childish and overrated, sometimes being a bitch is necessary, gossip takes my mind off things, letting go is the best decision I've ever taken.

Can't wait to turn 24!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Good news, somewhat

Three people have started following me. But what is surprising is that when I had written a flurry of posts, even my usual followers didn't read. But when I took my hiatus (make that; became lazy) I gained three new followers! *gasp*

I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Also I have got an internship offer from a company that was the pioneer to search engines but has now gone into oblivion, slightly but is trying to revamp itself (good for you!) and attended an interview at a place I interned before. While the former is an internship, the latter is a full-time job. The former has it's office in a neighboring state and the latter is in Namma Chennai. Former is  new media, latter is print. And so on. But what I do know about the latter is how much they will be paying me, something I don't know about the former.

I have to pick one and it is difficult, or as the Twitter junta put it #tuffmatch. Or not.

Will the ground split into two and make the decision for me?

Oh and speaking of decisions, a certain someone accused me of never having taken a decision.


For want of coffee, the decoction was lost,
for want of decoction, the milk was lost,
for want of milk, sugar was lost,
and for want of davara tumbler, the mind was lost.

Pretty pathetic attempt at poetry? I know. I just want some coffee, filter at that.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I had to stop drooling

Okokok so hot. Older guys are HAWT.  

I'm talking about this. THIS.

Look at Ian McKellen and Colin Firth! Ooh Christopher Walken, and Stephen Fry looks ohsocute! MYGOD Sean Bean sucha hottie. Okay the women featured are hot too. Like Meryl Streep and of course Helen Mirren.

Gary Oldman. Cha he still looks hot now.

Clint Eastwood, how can I forget you?

OK off you go now. Shoo. Go drool. And let me drool in peace. *sigh*

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old girl, new rage

You know what happens to rage when you suppress it for a while? It turns into utmost depression. Now I'm not blaming my friends who crib to me about how much their professional life sucks, in fact I'm ready to listen to problems and sympathize -- but that's all I can do. Sympathize, not empathize. And you know why? That's 'cause I have NO professional life. Nothing to do. And yes, I was supposed to join French classes but I'm worried about the timing. What if some sucker decides to employ me at the last minute? What will happen to my classes then? What about my plans to travel before I settle? I have to travel, I just have to. Alone. Or with a bunch of random people. But I want to, I have to. Every time some one tells me they've done nothing worthwhile in life, I take a look back into mine. What have I done that is so noteworthy, besides winning a couple of Bhagavad Gita competitions, memorizing the Aditya Hrudayam, Vishnu Sahasranamam and crushing on Rahul Dravid (even now)? Nada.

Let's face it.

My life has been quite disappointing to say the least. My stash of chocolates have also disappeared. Sigh.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


YAYAYAY! I'm resisting the urge to not type in caps, cannot able to and all that. Excitement is coming, I'm forgetting the English language.

So at about 11.45 am today when I was having an early lunch the doorbell rang. As usual thinking it was the maid, my mum got up to answer the door with a customary why-are-you-late question. Only it wasn't her. A guy asked for "Apoorva Sripathi?"
Amma: Yes, my daughter
Guy: Delivery from Flipkart
Me: *Putting the down plate, forgetting yechal and other nonsense brahmin traditions raised hands in mock celebration.* The book is here! Yaaaaaaaaaaay, what a wonderful way to spend my.. er.. your money, amma!
Amma to courier guy: Ok, thanks
Me: *Plate in one hand, ripping apart the packaging with the other*

Took me 4 minutes exactly to rip off packaging, and I didn't even use my teeth. This as opposed to opening the package with two hands which takes me almost 15 minutes. I think I was also quite desperate to see the book and more importantly Dravid's autograph. (Apparently only a select few will get it. Unfair no?)

After making the book pose in various positions and uploading the same on Facebook and Twitter, I've kept it on the shelf for weekend reading. Even if it means I'm going to Bangalore.

P.S. Dravid didn't autograph my copy, tche.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It has been a month. A successful, glorious month. Read into it all you want but only some of you know what it is. To the others I say: Go figure.

It has also been 6 months, this again connects to the earlier sentence so very few people can decipher it. The lesser, the better.

It will be 2 months. This isn't connected to the earlier sentences but I'm hoping this gets over quickly. I'm running out of entertainment. Unless one of you is kind enough to send Rahul Dravid to my house... Hello, for a friendly chat, okay? It's not what you think. Tche tche.