Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Currently reading 'News of a kidnapping' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It's a translation of 'Noticia de un secuestro'. It basically deals with the kidnapping of several Colombian notables by Pablo Escobar and his aides. Supposed to be a very famous book, or thats what it is acc. to my dad! It is kinda interesting at times, and does get boring here and there!! But let me just finish reading it and post its review!!
Cheers :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tracking Terror

It's been a month and 6 days since I last blogged, but it seems like a year to me! Recent developments: Rain in Chennai gave us a respite from college and its monotony, providing us 4 days of holidays (filled with boredom and incessant facebooking, orkutting and the like; of course!) At the same the Mumbai terror attacks took place on the 26th of November 2008. Rallies, candlelight vigils and walks, protests all came to the forefront. Discussions on politicians and their behaviour was more pronounced (like always!!) Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, ATS chief Hemant Karkare and other police officers who laid down their lives fighting for the people trapped inside Taj, Oberoi-Trident, CST station and Nariman House committed themselves for fighting against terrorism. On this issue I'm sure most of us would've got forwards and mails saying "We have to fight terror and this can be done staying together OR pray for the souls of the brave men who fought terror....." And atleast some of us would've forwarded it. The point is "What exactly are we going to establish by forwarding such messages?" Of course, it does condemn the attack and so on, but what do we do to actually combat terror? Sure we cannot go out there and fight ourselves. The least we can do is to contribute in our own way. Firstly I think all of us should exercise our right to vote in the right way. Wasting votes only paves way to illegal voting or 'kalla vote-u' in tamil. Joining the armed forces or the police forces or politics (I know it sounds dramatic!) would also be a really good way to serve the nation! (No kidding :P) Joining the various media is also a super cool way to serve the country and combat terror. Investigative and crime journalism is the best suited. Apart from all these career choices, people/residents can form groups among their flat associations etc. to inform the local police and security. By enlarge if all of us are alert and see or hear anything suspicious, it is best to report to the security services or police personnel to ensure the best! Educating people on basics of terrorism and the like would help in the long run, as terrorists cannot do anything without local support, its just not possible. Basically each and everyone us of have to learn how to react in an emergency situation. Panic will be the first thing that comes to our mind when we encounter the above. Panicking is okay, its a natural reaction, after those few seconds one has to act accordingly because safety is the primary measure. Terrorism may take a really long time to get eradicated, but it can surely be prevented!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Back to college!

College has re-opened and IV semester - eeyuck!! Ok for that matter any semester makes me go that! Once again we were bored to death! HOD came in this eccentrically dyed hair (she dyed it black, lol) it looked really unnatural, like a black crow!! We obvioulsy made fun of that :D
Then came the group sortings and stuff... We thought the "even semester jinx "would once again come into play (Nandita and me, that is) but thanks to a few really nice people it went reallllly well, no awesome!! Thanks Anjana, Susan and Vidya! We really owe you guys!! <3>
Aaaaand the rest of the day moved slowly, with us bunking sanskrit and getting out at 1!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Wish I could just sink right into the floor..... I'm just angry with some people right now.... No, actually, its me who I'm angry with! Im so sad right now, that I'm cursing a whole lot of people. Something must be really wrong with me, but I can't figure out what!! I hate myself for this. I can be, rather, I am a VERY moody person. Anything or anyone can put me off. I'm just too good at being moody and people hate me for that, they think I'm a bitch! And being a Gemini I just can't live without people. I have to actually care about what others think about me and blah... Loads of people have given me advice in that department :) Trust me.... I can cry at the snap of a finger and laugh like craaazy! I always wish things would happen in my favour, but I fail to realise the other nice stuff happening to me.... I must be real weird! I actually am!! I'm pretty deluded. Confused most of the time :S I'm SO low on confidence I swear, and I go on advising people like I'm a pro, like a motivator who conducts these self-motivating classes. So what I did is to blare out music, like crazily loud, so that people ask me to switch it off! Sometimes I just hate everything around me and I feel like venting out my frustration on others!! Sheesh this is SUCH a depressing post :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

Light of my life!

Yayyyyyyyyyyy!! Light of my life!! Finally found it! :) Nope. Not a guy! Sheesh!! Candles. Scented ones at that!!! So it has to be Lights of my life.... Hmm..... Anyway back to candles.... I just went to Landmark and Big Bazaar to check out some stuff with Nandita, when I fell in LOVE with these guys!! (candles, I mean) They are totally awesome! In sooooo many variants - strawberry, lemon, orange, lavender..........blah blah......I make a trip to these places only to check out these beauties. Did I mention I'm in LOVE with them? So this is going to be my new hobby! (yeah right my unfinished 333rd ones are left waiting for me!) I'm going to collect candles! Someone, anyone help meeeeee!!!!! Get me candles, please :) Any variety, any shape, any size, any flavour, any brand..... And no usual white coloured uptight straight ones that we use when there's no power! Thats a strict NO! I just friggin LOVE them :) :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yeah aaarrrgghhh is right! Some people make you think that, all the time!!! You'd wish they'd be more of this or more of that, but NO!! They dont want to be, for what joy? I have no clue. But they just CAN'T CHANGE!! You'd almost be forced to think that they're not interested right? Nope, actually they are or maybe-but noooo they won't show it out! Some problem they've got no? Believe me they do! They just get on your nerves! Like we don't have enough of our own problems. Wish we could just scream at them and put some ideas into their head ;) or give them a hint or atleast pray they get it right!! Only wish it comes at the right time..........

Friday, August 29, 2008

The 3 mistakes of my life

Just read "The 3 mistakes of my life" . Not bad. Actually it's pretty good. I like it :) I know most people thought it was ok, and the ending was straight out from a bollywood movie, but I guess there was no better way to end it. Endings of stories just happen, like life. You don't brood about it. That's the key to a good, no, a great story. They just go along with the flow of the story as you build it up. Maybe it was filmy, but I kinda liked it. I don't CARE what the others say. Let them make fun, who cares! But I wouldn't rate this book as great, it was good, entertaining actually! Ahem, ok now coming to the 3 mistakes of MY life. There are more than 3, so I'm not gonna pen err.. type them down and embarass myself! I'm reading Jeffrey Archer's "Prisoner of Birth" Let's see how that turns out to be. I have to give a review about it to Chandni, since she badly wants to read it. Spanish homework waiting.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Guilty? Nah....

I'm supposed to be studying! yeah but instead of that here I am blogging like I'm totally jobless! (which I truly am *claps*) Anyway having EM and Sanskrit tomorrow I "should" be slogging my ass off studying them with great reverence, but I'm not!! Seriously the EM teacher was supposed to give us notes, she did, still those that were of NO coincidence with the subject!!! WOW!!
And don't get me started on sanskrit! Don't even have a clue of what it is, but atleast I have notes for this. But EM? NO NO notes AT all!!!!!!! She never teaches, comes to class, sits and does nothing at all!! Even the MOST vettiest person on earth is NOTHING compared to her I tell you!!! NOTHING! And oh yeah she was pretending to have a sore-throat (maybe its true, but who cares??) and that was her excuse for not teaching! Yeah right, like she actually needs one!!
She actually cried to us on the third day I think (gotta cross check) because Nandita and myself ragged her. We actually felt sorry for her and let her go :) But I guess we shouldnt have, coz right now here I am struggling without much notes and trying to study whatever I have!!
I'm just hoping that I don't fail tomorrow's exam!! :(

Friday, July 18, 2008


I was just reading "The stars shine down" by Sidney Sheldon and this random thought crossed my mind. Lara Cameron had everything she wanted and they all came to her (if you know what I mean) yet love was one thing she went after. I mean, I've had a lot of people tell me (actually its more like I heard people talking but anyway) that "you don't go after love, it comes after you" and thats the route to a successful one. On the contrary, in this story Lara goes after Philip, she actually stalks him! In the end they get hitched and yeah live their life with little problems here and there, but they're together and that is what matters. Philip falls for her too! Ok so this is how it works?? In books. Period. In reality? Consider this.

Case 1:
Girl and Guy meet. They talk. They message. Guy gives signals, major ones at that! Girl says "ok fine, let me go ahead." Girl tells guy she likes him. Guy says "no I never liked you that way, let's be friends." Girl agrees (what else can she do?)

Case 2:
Same as Case 1 but little different!

My point?
Well not everyone are Lara and Philip, but they try, unsuccessfully though. Seriously never go after love, wait till it comes to you. Or thats what I observed.

Moral of the story:
Oh what the heck!

P.S. JW = Just wondering, if you didnt get it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun quiz 1

You Are Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

You are kind, popular, and generous.

You tend to be successful at anything you try.

A social butterfly, you are great at entertaining a crowd.

You are most compatible with strawberry ice cream.

Transformed? :O

Journalism has transformed my creative style of writing to a more serious, matter-of-fact and a professional one! True it's all for the good, but it feels like "my creative wings" have been clipped off. Been more than a year since I wrote something creative, something to satisfy my creative self! Used to be days wherein writing would be only work for the day - poems,rantings,musings,cravings,doodlings(yes!),crappings! everything under the sun! I miss all that, really! :( So the bottomline you ask? Will, rather have to get back at writing that!

Yesterday, I took up painting once again! (you guessed right, it had been shelved up for long, thanks to my never-say-die laziness and my wicked mind, hehe!) I had lost touch seriously! almost made me cry (I'm very sensitive about these things you see!!) Anyway I just sat there (along with my sis) and painted the usual- "a scenary". Full of greens and reds. Made me feel "light" after a REALLY long time. I felt so free, like I was in my own world, I let the creativity flow! Ahh..... It made me forget all my worries. Painting is a real stress reliever, just like music! That reminds me, I have to charge my music player :)

So I made two discoveries while writing this: 1) Old habits die hard and 2) If one is determined to waste time, all avenues are open!! Just kidding!


Just thought it was about time I changed the look of my blog. Sheesh and it looks kinda funny! New colours and all that to jazz it up. I like the backgound, its all black and dark and sober, reflects my mood as such. P.S. That sanskrit homework is calling to me!! Me: Later, later! Such a torture I say!
Will post later!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Picture(s) of the week

- A jubilant Spain team on winning the Euro 2008.

Spain's Rafael Nadal with the Wimbledon Trophy - (Men's singles)

¡Viva España! - Spain ka double dhamaka!!!

Spain is quite on a roll!! They won the Euro 2008 and Rafael Nadal(who is from Spain, duh) won the Wimbledon Men's Final!!! They couldn't have asked for a better year!! Seriously, I'm all in awe for Spain, my admiration and love for that flamboyant country has increased! (of course, it has nothing to do with their share of hot guys :P) Anyway coming to the point, Fernando Torres scored the only goal in the Euro final against Germany(whom most of classmates supported, but Spain didn't let me down!!) to make the scoreline read 1-0. Spain played like they deserved the title with their short passes which tired the Germans out. Spain were nothing in size compared to the Germans, who pushed around their opponents(as always) but nevertheless didn't really work, 'cause Spain made it all up thanks to their crafty play! In the Spain emerged winners!! :) [Ha! take that all you German team supporters in my class!!]

On the other hand Spain's Rafael Nadal played like a dream and won the Men's singles title at Wimbledon, much to the horror of Federer's fans. He is the second player after Bjorn Borg to win both the French Open and the Wimbledon in the same year. All this while Nadal was referred to as the "clay court specialist", hopefully this will change! This 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (3-7), 6-7 (8-10), 9-7 victory surely ranks as one of the most dramatic and compelling finals of all time. Kudos to Rafa!!

Lyrics to my current fav song!

I am baaaaaack!! Ok ok I did say that my next post was going to be on Cuisines of the World and stuff, but this just HAD to fit in! (don't ask me why though, sometimes I can have my tantrums too! :] ) Anyway here it goes.

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi - Jaane tu ya jaane na

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi Me Yun Hi Koi Apna Lagta Hai
Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Woh Bichad Jaye Toh Ek Sapna Lagta Hai
Aise Me Koi Kaise Apne Aansuon Ko Bahene Se Roke
Aur Kaise Koi Sochle Everything Gonna Be Okay
Kabhi Kabhi Toh Lage Zindagi Me Rahi Na Khushi Aur Na Maza
Kabhi Kabhi Toh Lage Har Din Mushkil Aur Har Pal Ek Saza
Aise Me Koi Kaise Muskuraaye ,Kaise Has De Khush Hoke
Aur Kaise Koi Sochle Everything Gonna Be Okay

Soch Zara Jaane Ja Tujuko Hume Kitna Chahte Hain
Rote Hum Bhi Agar Tere Aankhon Me Aansun Aate Hain
Gaan Toh Aata Nahi Hai Magar Fir Bhi Gaate Hain
Hey Aditi Maan Kabhi Kabhi Saare Jahan Me Andhera Hota Hai
Lekin Raat Ke Baad Hi Toh Savera Hota Hai

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi Me Yun Hi Koi Apna Lagta Hai
Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Woh Bichad Jaye Toh Ek Sapna Lagta Hai
Hey Aditi Has De Has De Has De Has De Has De Tu Zara
Nahi Toh Bas Thoda Thoda Thoda Thoda Thoda Thoda Muskura

Tu Khush Hai Toh Lage Ke Jahan Chaiyi Hai Khushi
Sooraj Nikle Baadalon Se Aur Baaten Zindagi
Sun Toh Zara Madhosh Hawa Tujhse Kehne Lagi
Ki Aditi Woh Jo Bichadte Hain Ik Na Ik Din Fir Mil Jate
Yeh Aditi Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Phool Fir Khil Jate Hain

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi Me Yun Hi Koi Apna Lagta Hai
Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Who Bichad Jaye Toh Ek Sapna Lagta Hai
{Hey Aditi Has De Has De Has De Has De Has De Tu Zara
Nahi Toh Bas Thoda Thoda Thoda Thoda Thoda Thoda Muskura} - (5)

This song touches my heart everytime I listen to it! So beautiful and melodious, just can't stop humming it. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's cooking doc?

Yes, I'm officially back on track! That too after almost two months! Ok, I now decided that I have to dedicate atleast one post to something that has made my life worthful, all these years! :) FOOD!!!!!! The very mention of that word has made my mouth water. From sizzling dosas to cheese-dripping pizzas, payasams to chocolate mousse, thayir sadam(yes!!) to penne pasta, I have enjoyed it all! Right now I'm craving for a simple fruit juice/iced tea (hello! its summer dude!) Go on, you may think I'm a gluttonous child, but I prefer to call myself food-connoisseur/food critic/foodie yadda yadda so on.......
Seriously, one of the best smelling places in the world has to be my kitchen! From aromatic garlic-rasams to vathal kozhambu, even the smell of 'thalichifying' for rasam/kootu makes me feel heavenly. Even the lowly thayir-saadam (though I prefer not to call it that way!) makes it presence felt, especailly during summer. With pickles as combo, its a feast for summer! A perfect nectar , as my dad would call it.
Mangoes are the most sought-after fruit in summer (ok, that was obvious!) and one can experiment a lot with them. Lets see, for eg. mango smoothie, mango mousse, mango cocktails, mango icecream, mango rice, mango pachadi (even though for some reason I hate it!) and so on.....
Italian cuisine is my all-time favourite, even though its a bit bland (you see my food needs a fire-extinguisher =] ) it has a lot of flavour. Pastas are my love! Authentic Italian pizzas are good! Antipastis, gnocchi, espresso, gelato etc ..... Spanish or Mexican cuisine is also another favourite of mine. Indian cuisine is always there so I didnt write much about it. Food is a way of life, for some, a culture. In my next post I'm gonna concentrate on World Cuisines!
Anyway I could go on and on and on...... I hope to be a food-critic someday! Think I'll stop here, my mangoes are waiting for me!
Let the feast begin!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Randomness Unplugged.....

Seriously, the thoughts that were doing the rounds in my head! God! Life has never been worse, only wish things would change. Oh oh btw sems just got over today so one huge load is OFF my back! But still there's this one thing that hurts me, I guess problems like these hurt everybody :( Why Why Why does this happen to ME alone??? Wish the msgng, talking and meeting never took place.
UPDATE: Rahul Dravid scored 10,000 runs in Test Cricket! Yay!! One happy news atlast! Gives me temporary happiness even though I'm feeling sad that I couldnt see his innings in person. Bummer. Happy and sad thoughts at the same time. Wow. Life could never be worse.
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Ask the chicken, not me!
Hmm...... think I've become loony for sure!! Oh well its all in the game(of life!). This, for some reason, has become my favourite quote!
I wonder WHY???

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And the winner is.......

Yup the Oscars are out!! And the Europeans swept them away....... Daniel Day-Lewis won the top honour as he carried away the Best Actor award("There Will Be Blood") and Marion Cotillard won the Best Actress award("La Vie En Rose"). The Coen brothers took the prize for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay at the 80th annaul Academy Awards.
Ok.. I think that update was enough......Now on to the movies which I really want to see!
I think Michael Clayton would be my first and obvious choice- obvious beacuse of two words-George Clooney!! and first because, well, same reason! After that, I guess I'll go with Sweeney Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, it has Johnny Depp. No wait, I think I'll go for Sweeney Michael Clayton!! Arghhhh tough decision I say tough decision!!
Does anyone have a suggestion??

Monday, February 25, 2008


Whenever I hear this word I'm reminded of Bon Jovi's hit "It's my life...." (and begin to hum it of course!) Seriously, do you take life as it comes or refuse to accept the hard realities that hit your face? Nope, I don't take it that way, or atleast for a while. I cannot accept certain facts and neither can you. I have TO complain about certain things, or discuss them till I get bored of it, or just go over it again and again till I'm satisfied!! Sometimes everything that happens surprises me, and sometimes I get lost in my own world thinking about what would happen next (sheesh! total day dreaming session). Life is just a four-letter word, like love, that is exciting and unpredictable. Anything can happen at any time...... Just don't analyze it or worry about it too much! (like me!) leave it in it's own course....and by the time you realise it would be just where you want it to be!
So I'm signing off here, gotta go study :( my sympathies are with my fellow students who have to do the same.