Thursday, December 30, 2010


Check list for 2011:

New glasses. Check.

Haircut. Hmm thinking,

Sibling thinks the new glasses gives me a nerdy look (she said intellectual, but I knew what she meant. hmpf)
Oh well. I guess there's no turning back.
One more day for new year. And still no plans. Hmm

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why the vacuum cleaner sucks

You've caught me. The title has nothing to do with my post, I just wanted to indulge in some err wordplay, perhaps. You can't blame me you know, its 8.46 pm and I'm at work, persistently (if I may add) for the past 5 days. Including Christmas eve, Christmas and Boxing Day! I'm no Christian, but when the whole world takes off and lazes around, its only fair that I long for one! (Especially when you have a sibling who sleeps tight till 10 am while I trudge off to work). Oh and its a Sunday today. No one I know works on a Sunday! And add to it the sleeplessness of 4 nights in a row - there you have it! One grumpy child. Waiting to get away.

In other news: N is having fun with person-I'm-not-naming-here. Let's call him anon. N and anon are having the best time, I hope it really works out for them :) They make sucha cute couple!

D, my colleague, is pregnant and might take leave only in May end. What a huge sigh of relief! She's one of the most efficient worker and awesome gossip-person and partner-in-spitting-crime. I shall miss her when she is gone. I might leave by May also. Sets me thinking.

T's quiz is not loading. Damn, now how do I kill time at work? Also I've seen it a million times. Just trying to check if I know all the answers every time I view it.

Craving some extra dark chocolate. (Why do all my posts of late contain a reference to chocolate?)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I wanna hold your hand

Remember that little voice in your head? Well, mine instructed me to play the Beatles. Just like that. And this is the first song I reached out to instinctively. No clue why.

Indulgence is when you lick Nutella off the spoon. Over-indulgence is when you sit with the Nutella jar and lick it straight from that, ignoring the spoon. And that is what I did today (also spread some over toast) while watching cartoons. Felt like a kid again. Much fun, sososo much fun! 

Read the Mahabharata for some peace of mind (as I always do). I cannot wait for Bheema and Arjuna to kick some ass! 

No mood to write articles, absolutely none. I feel *so guilty* and sleepy. 

Title inspiration: I wanna hold your hand (The Beatles)

Harry Potter, a post was in order

Okay so the title isn't exactly captivating, I assure the post will be. Tons more. 

When the trailer came out I was all gung-ho about watching it first day, first show. But you and I know better that it did not happen. Worse, my sister and her gang had watched it before me. And other non-Harry Potter fans. That's when it infuriated me. I had grown up with the series (along with other books, of course) and vividly imagined Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and the like in my mind while reading. But I still stand by books > movies. Always! (Ok except for Chocolat where you can see the chocolate and drool) 

So while I was deciding whom to go with and when to go with, (after starting to work, I'm either busy or lazy to do other stuff) a perfect opportunity in the form of cousin from US of A (yes, he already has been mentioned twice in the earlier post) presented itself. We therefore decided (friend, cousin and myself) on an impromptu night show, notwithstanding the amount of work we had the next day. Carefully laid plans were given a toss. So on 15 of December we set out to HP and the Deathly Hallows - I with much excitement. As stuffed as we were we still bought a large packet of popcorn topped with seasoning, waiting for the movie to start.

This movie was touted to be the darkest of them all. Even Scrimgeour looked scruffy. Anyway moving on, the movie was interesting and mostly silent. For most parts the theatre was dead quiet. I kinda enjoyed the silence  though, it showed how intense the movie was. One of my favourite parts was the one where Ron comes back with the sword and exclaims he's back and Hermione's all angry. It's just so damn cute! Another favourite part was when Dobby dies. My cousin had to kill the moment by shouting (when the theatre was silent) "Are you crying?" (It was just a few tears ok) Ditto with my friend. I sunk into my seat. In my defence, it was Dobby, and if you'd read the books (and lived it) crying would've been the right thing to do. 

I liked how it ended, with Voldy facing us (I swear he's one of my fav villains) and leaving me wanting for more.  

Cannot wait for the second installment! And it's in 3D (sigh I'm predicting a headache).

That little voice inside my head

The above video just about describes my chocolate craving on a normal day. On special days it doubles. 

The recent rains in Chennai have done nothing to stop me from craving chocolate, also (note) visiting cousin from US of A who's brought bags of those sinful delights. Argh! How the HELL am I supposed to stop then? So I don't! I just go on :) Someday I hope to own a big larder, mind you a BIG one at that, filled with copious amounts of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. And pasta. And more such scrumptious items. Oh yes my dreams are big and delicious. 

I also dream of cooking all day, with fancy pots, pans, ladles and ooh knives. Stirring here, marinating there, chopping and sautéing (I kinda like the way its pronounced). Gosh that makes me sound like a house-wife, but I'd like to disagree. Cooking all day does sound strenuous, but fun all the same. I cannot wait! 

In other news: The above-mentioned cousin from US of A has also brought me an ipod Touch. Ha!

--- Linkin Park on the loop ---