Monday, October 20, 2008

Light of my life!

Yayyyyyyyyyyy!! Light of my life!! Finally found it! :) Nope. Not a guy! Sheesh!! Candles. Scented ones at that!!! So it has to be Lights of my life.... Hmm..... Anyway back to candles.... I just went to Landmark and Big Bazaar to check out some stuff with Nandita, when I fell in LOVE with these guys!! (candles, I mean) They are totally awesome! In sooooo many variants - strawberry, lemon, orange, lavender..........blah blah......I make a trip to these places only to check out these beauties. Did I mention I'm in LOVE with them? So this is going to be my new hobby! (yeah right my unfinished 333rd ones are left waiting for me!) I'm going to collect candles! Someone, anyone help meeeeee!!!!! Get me candles, please :) Any variety, any shape, any size, any flavour, any brand..... And no usual white coloured uptight straight ones that we use when there's no power! Thats a strict NO! I just friggin LOVE them :) :)

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