Thursday, June 3, 2010

My biggest enemy?

This is a phrase that I'm sure everyone's heard of : "Don't put off what you can do today, till tomorrow. Procrastination is your worst enemy" It's this what gets me pissed off. I don't mean to procrastinate anything, it just happens. And as it does I find it utmost convenient. For nothing gives me bigger joy than procrastination (okay, maybe not that big). I find that the more I put off things, the more perfectly I get it done. So procrastination can be a good thing, contrary to what all parents think and especially mine! 
This post was due months back.


Karthik Nagarajan said...

What ever thing you do or decide, just take a small gap of 5mins, so you are clear with what you are doing!!! -> Procrastination explained by Director Shankar in Kadhalan...

But few things cannot be Procrastinated... Lol... :D

Karthik Nagarajan said...

no updates in ur blog??? write up something.... tc