Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laziness is a virtue

I just cannot get myself to write nowadays no matter how much I enjoy writing. Laziness has taken over me, teaming up with another villain - joblessness. Btw my UK plan has been shelved thanks to various reasons and I'm presently searching for a job. Between all this, my cousin who's barely 22 has her marriage fixed. Just when I thought she'd be pursuing her higher studies I get a frantic text message from my mother while I was out: "When will you come? Your cousin's marriage has been fixed, next year scheduled." I replied with a shocked "Whaaaaaaaat? I'll be right there!" After an hour I came home to listen to what my mother had to say. My cousin was to get married before 23 as the astrologer directed. Or else she'd only get married after 5 long years. I knew it was no use to talk more than that. Not that I despise astrology or anything I just couldn't believe she'd agree to an early marriage, something I can never come to terms with yet. As I wound up the conversation I casually asked my mum when she'd want me to get married. She replied: We want to get you married once you're 25 or later, the horoscope says so. Not earlier than that. And she smiled. While I breathed a sigh of relief :)


Karthik Nagarajan said...

Nice post with personal updates :)
laziness is a grt friend of mine, who always make me a spl person where ever i go, "everyone will be looking at me!!!"

niru said...

watt lucky u:( my parents are torturing me already with this whole marriage thingy:(

the world is not enough said...

@Niru: Yeah unakku vayasu aachu la? :P