Sunday, September 19, 2010

Prancing and pondering!

This post comes at a time when my emotions are in full swing. Happy to say at the least. Actually it goes through phases. Really happy-happy-sad-sadly sad-hyper happy and so forth. Till I'm confused. I actually don't know what I feel. Then it hits me and I start analyzing. And I over analyze till things can upset me and so I stop.

Why do some things happen? Why do you see certain people in your life but not meet them? Or why do you meet them and not talk (but you want to talk to them). Or you talk to them and nothing happens. Is it all a carefully planned out route-map that has a pot of gold at the end of it. Or a life plan. Or whatever.

There are some people who come and go in your life. People who you think make a difference, a significant one at that, but actually don't. Then there are people who teach you a little something about life and its operations. 

Sometimes, two people are not meant to be together, even if one of them really wants to. It's for the best maybe.  You just slowly pick up the pieces and move on. Working your way out of the maze.

And eventually you'll find life has many things to offer, keeping you occupied on the way.


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Swetha Ashok said...

good writing!!

niru said...

chaos theory:D

the world is not enough said...

Thanks Madhu and Swe :)
@Niru: Enna chaos theory?