Sunday, December 19, 2010

That little voice inside my head

The above video just about describes my chocolate craving on a normal day. On special days it doubles. 

The recent rains in Chennai have done nothing to stop me from craving chocolate, also (note) visiting cousin from US of A who's brought bags of those sinful delights. Argh! How the HELL am I supposed to stop then? So I don't! I just go on :) Someday I hope to own a big larder, mind you a BIG one at that, filled with copious amounts of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. And pasta. And more such scrumptious items. Oh yes my dreams are big and delicious. 

I also dream of cooking all day, with fancy pots, pans, ladles and ooh knives. Stirring here, marinating there, chopping and sautéing (I kinda like the way its pronounced). Gosh that makes me sound like a house-wife, but I'd like to disagree. Cooking all day does sound strenuous, but fun all the same. I cannot wait! 

In other news: The above-mentioned cousin from US of A has also brought me an ipod Touch. Ha!

--- Linkin Park on the loop ---

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