Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some thoughts, some memories

If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it again—I think a part of me is going to miss this city with its weather changes akin to mood swings of a woman with PMS. When I landed here for studies I think it was raining (I have quite a bad memory, so please excuse me) and when I leave this city to go home, it’s raining again. Normally every city follows a cycle—if it rains in November last year then one supposes it should rain in November this year. But not Bangalore, no. 

I’m not rather fond of rains;yes, I can get fussy about traveling when it rains. It’s all for good reason: I know there isn’t any scientific reason behind this, but every time I get wet in the rains, I catch a cold. I’m not exaggerating. It’s either that or sinus. Besides who wants muddy water splashed on them.It also gets uncomfortably cold and there are mosquitoes everywhere humming an annoying tune into your ear, not letting you sleep. Yes, I can see you indicating that mouth-watering food can be had at this time of the year, but I disagree one can have delectable food when they want and that it shouldn’t be dictated by weather. But if you are going to take that argument further then listen to my points.

Summer is indeed a wonderful weather for good food! Imagine ripe watermelons either cut into pieces with  chaat masala sprinkled on them or as a cold juice, whichever your mouth prefers. Mangoes! Now, I’m not a mango lover but I can see you are one. Cold mangoes and cream or ice cream or in a milkshake or just eaten without chopping it into pieces. Cold coffee, ice cream, salads, cold beer, cocktails and mocktails, iced tea… You are a hot pakodas and chai fan? Well, have them in the evening as a tea time snack.

Tell me, do you REALLY want your movie plans ruined by a rainy day, a constantly gloomy day that puts you to sleep or worse, a day that doesn’t let you shake off your blanket? Of course not!

Anyway, back to the subject, we have drifted enough. Bangalore has given me many firsts (some of which I’m not going to list here and will keep it as a secret) like standing 2 feet away from my idol, breathing the same air as him. I don’t think that would have been possible if I’d stayed in Chennai or moved to Mumbai. My first major fight with a close friend, a taste at living with unknown people (and people thought finding soul mates online was worse), north Indian friends (yes yes, all my close friends before postgrad are south Indians), one Goan friend(!), savouring Spanish wine (thank you Priyanka!), getting a story published online, cake at midnight thanks to the numerous people whose birthday is celebrated in the hostel irrespective of that person being one’s friend or not and many other memories, which I’ll cherish for years to come and try to remember most of it.

I haven’t gotten a job yet, I’m hoping to get one in the near future and I think it’ll be in Chennai most probably. I did think of moving to Mumbai for some time; yet another city, which is close to my heart but the plans did not materialize. Maybe it isn’t time yet, but I do know for sure that I have a strong connection with that city and only time will tell.

Coming back to the main subject, I have most certainly bought more books than clothes and footwear combined. Then again, no one can have enough books. Blossoms and other random book sales are my favourite haunts in Bangalore. Every time I step out of my hostel, I make it a point to buy at least one book. I don’t know what it is but that pull towards books is magnetic, almost gravity-like to the extent that I have gone broke due to it. Nevertheless, that has never deterred me from purchasing some more!

10 months have passed away amazingly quick and everything is a blur to me. When college started, I could only crib at how much I missed home and every holiday was a chance for me to escape home. At one point I realized that I knew nothing about the city I made home temporarily. I woke up. I then began my journey discovering Bangalore and I must say it’s such a fulfilling one. I’m glad I took up this decision to move to Bangalore for a short period, glad that I met some amazing people (some random, some permanent), indulged in good food and better moments. Thank you, Bangalore!

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ancyks said...

Well expressed...I agree with you, Bangalore has been a city of many "firsts". Bangalore's never been a favourite, neither is it now, but I'll miss the city for sure.