Monday, August 20, 2012

One of those yawn days which gave rise to a story. Couldn't think of a title, if anyone out there reads my posts and you have a suitable title, do drop a message!

She tossed her umbrella sideways and turned, he was calling out her name. She stopped and stared.

“I thought I asked you not to follow me! Go home,” she urged. He looked into her eyes, she felt herself melting under his gaze.

“I can’t go home without you,” he said. “I need you right now.”

Finally, she thought. “You agree that you can’t be without me even for a minute,” she smirked. He jerked his forward pointedly in reply.

“Is that your way of saying yes,” she asked and smiled triumphantly.

He grinned widely and said, “You have the house keys and my wallet. If you pass them here I can get going.”

She half-opened her mouth in surprise and threw the keys at him. Folding her umbrella, she ran towards him and hugged him tight.

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