Thursday, January 15, 2015

Takeways from I (the movie)

For the first time, I've actually seen a movie on the day of it's release. And it'd be a shame if I didn't blog about it. Instead of a long, running story that I usually write, I'm going to break it up into points.

1. Revenge is a dish that's best served cold. Or hot. Electric, hairy, stingy and sneaky as I demonstrated. +100
2. Shankar is known for his extravagant budgets, sets, costumes, going by that he must probably be the inventor of "go home or go big" (not really). But with all that money, he could've given Amy Jackson some clothes. I can sense your counter that she's a model so she requires skimpy clothes but I'm just going to say no. The poor thing must be freezing even in Chennai. -50
3. Speaking of Amy Jackson, I guess there are different ways in which you can depict a woman's boobs to make them look attractive because just parading them in a bikini isn't enough. -89
4. While Rajinikanth was the first (rather doubtful) to depict his heroine as an object he handled (Meena as a veena he plays in Muthu, the rhyme is unintentional), Shankar shows Vikram riding Amy as a bike, squeezing her as a fish and so on. I really have nothing else to say for this. Just old-fashioned horror and disgust. -105
5. Suresh Gopi as the quiet, scheming villain earns full marks from me but his character as the lustful paedophile under wraps made me squirm in my seat. At one point, I just yelled out in the theatre when he was trying to cop a feel. And she didn't recoil. undecided
6. Amy Jackson's boobs (again, I know. But they deserve another mention.). When she's sporting a bikini, they're her true size and then in some clothes the padding is way too much that they're in her face and ours. -36
7. Dubbing for some people is utter fail. Especially the fellow who agrees to marry Amy is mouthing his dialogue in Hindi (and so is Amy's mum, I suspect), while the words are Tamil. He could've at least chewed gum like Kamal in PKS. -28
8. Santhanam. NO. Glasses suit him, although. meh 
9. Loved the music. Picturisation kinda ruined it for me. Not pookale. +42
10. Not a fan of how Amy used Vikram and then the love following soon after (very predictable). But big fan of how she didn't want to leave him orphaned. (Also, what happened to Vikram's parents and Amy's mum?) +15
11. Could've portrayed the transgender community in better light and not break into the usual making-fun-song-and-dance. They deserve so much better. -56
12. How did Vikram lose his 'galeej' accent all of a sudden and speak polished Tamil and English? -12
13. Upen Patel's face is a minus, but body is a plus. +9
14. Vikram looks hot after makeup (everyone has sung paeans about his acting; I fully agree so not repeating it here) thus proving that men look better with makeup and decent styling. It's only because society doesn't expect them to wear it. (yes I went there) +67
15. Also, no matter how muscular or toned guys are, one doesn't want to see them in thongs at a Mr. Tamil Nadu contest. Neither do we want to see Ramkumar Ganesan (Prabhu's brother) in boxers, topless. I might be partially blind. -53
16. Today, while applying a moisturizing lotion I was slightly, only slightly scared. Sincerely hoping no one's seeking revenge against me. Thank you Shankar, for making the process of applying lotions and creams, frightening. -5 (this point is for me alone)
17. 30 minutes too long and Ennodu nee irundhal could've been axed. -18 


Aditi Raghunathan said...

Rajini can't be blamed for the meena veena, no? It's the director's or choreographer's department, dhaane?

Also, well played on the minus 36 ;)

Was expecting sum total score at the end though!

Apoorva Sripathi said...

I never blamed Rajini for that, merely pointing out a similar idea, that's all.

Was too lazy to count and give a sum score. Thank you! :)

Neeru Iyer said...

OMG, exactly how I felt! It was so cliched and annoying and I was very pissed off about the transgender part too (I just tweeted about it). One more thing I didn't get was, if he was disfigured (temporarily - he could get fixed later and all that), one would expect him, of all the people in the world, to be the most empathetic when it comes to disfigurement, right? What the fuck was up with his revenge tactics, dude? He scarred them for life. There's like zero empathy in him. Bull crap.