Monday, February 25, 2008


Whenever I hear this word I'm reminded of Bon Jovi's hit "It's my life...." (and begin to hum it of course!) Seriously, do you take life as it comes or refuse to accept the hard realities that hit your face? Nope, I don't take it that way, or atleast for a while. I cannot accept certain facts and neither can you. I have TO complain about certain things, or discuss them till I get bored of it, or just go over it again and again till I'm satisfied!! Sometimes everything that happens surprises me, and sometimes I get lost in my own world thinking about what would happen next (sheesh! total day dreaming session). Life is just a four-letter word, like love, that is exciting and unpredictable. Anything can happen at any time...... Just don't analyze it or worry about it too much! (like me!) leave it in it's own course....and by the time you realise it would be just where you want it to be!
So I'm signing off here, gotta go study :( my sympathies are with my fellow students who have to do the same.


niru said...

hope i coud jus move on sayin everythng is a part of our life but honestly reality continues to ruin our lives..pity us:(

theworldisnotenough said...

yeah i know de....but it's ok...just try saying "its part of life" for once and then see......maybe it'll change. who knows? :)