Friday, August 29, 2008

The 3 mistakes of my life

Just read "The 3 mistakes of my life" . Not bad. Actually it's pretty good. I like it :) I know most people thought it was ok, and the ending was straight out from a bollywood movie, but I guess there was no better way to end it. Endings of stories just happen, like life. You don't brood about it. That's the key to a good, no, a great story. They just go along with the flow of the story as you build it up. Maybe it was filmy, but I kinda liked it. I don't CARE what the others say. Let them make fun, who cares! But I wouldn't rate this book as great, it was good, entertaining actually! Ahem, ok now coming to the 3 mistakes of MY life. There are more than 3, so I'm not gonna pen err.. type them down and embarass myself! I'm reading Jeffrey Archer's "Prisoner of Birth" Let's see how that turns out to be. I have to give a review about it to Chandni, since she badly wants to read it. Spanish homework waiting.

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