Monday, July 21, 2008

Guilty? Nah....

I'm supposed to be studying! yeah but instead of that here I am blogging like I'm totally jobless! (which I truly am *claps*) Anyway having EM and Sanskrit tomorrow I "should" be slogging my ass off studying them with great reverence, but I'm not!! Seriously the EM teacher was supposed to give us notes, she did, still those that were of NO coincidence with the subject!!! WOW!!
And don't get me started on sanskrit! Don't even have a clue of what it is, but atleast I have notes for this. But EM? NO NO notes AT all!!!!!!! She never teaches, comes to class, sits and does nothing at all!! Even the MOST vettiest person on earth is NOTHING compared to her I tell you!!! NOTHING! And oh yeah she was pretending to have a sore-throat (maybe its true, but who cares??) and that was her excuse for not teaching! Yeah right, like she actually needs one!!
She actually cried to us on the third day I think (gotta cross check) because Nandita and myself ragged her. We actually felt sorry for her and let her go :) But I guess we shouldnt have, coz right now here I am struggling without much notes and trying to study whatever I have!!
I'm just hoping that I don't fail tomorrow's exam!! :(


poopi said...

the nerve the monisha bitch has man!! she bitches about our class to the department! idiot! i HATE her!! lol!! deja vu of this afternoon! :p

the world is not enough said...

lol yeah!