Sunday, April 26, 2009

Funny sunny!

Summer's here! No need to look surprised though. I've always loved summer, even though it makes me sweat like a pig. Rainy days are a total bore, they're okay once in a while. Summer is like my season (though it is the only season in Chennai!) the reason being I've felt really comfortable with summer than with monsoon. Indeed summer does make you sweat, sticky and forces you to stay in the confines of your house till about 4 pm, monsoon has never been this fun. Sure you can make paper boats and let them float in the stray water or snack on something hot but the no. of holidays in summer are more. Ha! Beaches, water theme parks, part-time jobs and vacations are always more fun in the summer. Fashion trends are more popular in the summer too. Be it shorts or 'gouchos' or half-trousers, it is most comfortable and of course fashionable in the summer, not to mention practical too!! The pleasure of sipping juice while reading comics or watching tv can never be bought or beat by summer. I vote for summer being declared as the national season of the country. (if such a thing exists!) No other season has probably excited me as much as summer does. Summer in Chennai, as the joke goes, is year-round; maybe thats why its hated so much by enlarge. So I'm not gonna waste more time and I'm off to celebrate the splendour and joy of summer!!

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