Sunday, August 9, 2009

Inter-nay-shunal Re-lay-shuns :)

She can put Webster's dictionary to shame. Shakespeare you may now officially turn in your grave. English professors can remedy THEIR english. Fancy that! Introducing *drum roll* our very own in-house english expert - Rats!
You may think I am exaggerating (well I do at times) but not this time! We wait for her classes like a parched throat waiting to quench its thirst. Err okay anyway. She enters. And starts.
"German is angry with France so it declares waaar with France."
"Eerup was divided into 2 during the waeld waar"
"Yu Yes and Yu Yes Yes Aar are the two countries that faced the COLD (with stress) waar"
"Arj" (urge for the uninitiated :P)
"Thalaai Lama" (Oh come one!!)
"Apoorva, it's no loaf-ing may-ter!" (No she was not talking about a baker!)
"Etaalee" (def not Bruce Lee's place of birth!)
"Anjana I think you will hey-ve to may-ree and orpun!" (poor Anjana! while we all laughed our lungs out!)
"Re-yally ma"
"Disintegra-shun of Soveyet Yuniyun"

Research courtesy: Poofy, Snapple, Adefal and yours truly :)
Will meet you next time with Rats Dictionary!


poopi said...

yes yes!! very poor me :( orpan it seems!! :( :(

Spathika said...

Too funnyyy!!! :P :P