Sunday, February 7, 2010

Turning point

My last post was published on November 9 2009, so it has been quite a while! I think I've actually forgotten how to write after I joined journalism. as there are only 30 odd days for college to get over, I'm pondering over what to do next amidst pressure from parents, peers and of course relatives (who find a perfect moment to ruin happiness by asking what kids are going to do next!). I hate planning, I absolutely hate it, but obviously this is an answer I cannot use, so instead I have to come up with something soon. Everyone wants everything to happen so fast, but it's just not possible. I can only do things at my own pace and asking me to slow it down or speed it up is just not fair, it's just not me! At the same time, I still have my own fears - like being unemployed while the rest are doing something that fetches them money!
Moving on, this year (or rather the two months) has seen me attend quite a number of quizzes :) Met some people there which have added to my contacts list. "Life's chugging along" - this has become my paraphrase when people ask me about life.
Life has gotten rather boring, too monotonous. Hope something fun comes along! :D

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