Thursday, May 20, 2010

My nomadic mind

You know sometimes when you're sitting in a corner with a book to read and something to drink, your mind wanders somewhere else or rather to something else. Mine has done a lot of introspection and retrospection over these 20 years. Recently while reading, I was thinking of a bad patch that I was going through (still going) and I stopped for a moment thinking of a 'what if' situation that happened in between that seemed to provide some relief. What if I had taken on that situation. Life surely would've been different- independence, new people, new city and a new life. Maybe I would've liked it. But that's not how it turned out to be, life indeed takes a different turn at varied junctures. Right now it's at a standstill. And my train of thoughts halted, just like that. I returned to my book, waiting for my mind to wander yet again.

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S.Arun said...

Happens to the all of us. Wondering if we should've taken the other road on the fork! But its okay. No point in regretting about it and if you actually give it a thought, you're life is actually made up of small and tiny uncertainties like this one.. :)