Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not your average guy :)

This post is dedicated to my friend, Arun Srinivasan. Not only did he make me feel really special, but also gave me hope that there is true love still left :) Seriously, this guy is a million bucks. Talk to him about true love, he'll come up with the most romantic definition and yet the most workable. Talking to him on a normal day is good, but talk to him when you're down and out, that's when you'll be damn thankful you talked to him! A very talented musician, he's pretty shy around compliments. He's a total romantic all over and is not afraid to show his emotions! I mean which other guy is like that? Sample this. "Each girl deserves to be treated like a queen, no matter what. I think you girls more than define us. Seriously."  I have not heard words like this before from any other guy. As I went on about guys having inflatable egos that grow by the second, all he told me was this, "Wont deny that I don't have an ego. but there's nothing that can melt it than a sweet girl." His girl is indeed special :)
Thanks for all the hopeful, encouraging words, you truly are a great friend :D
So I'm going to aptly sum up in his words:
"Just wait for that love part of your life to happen. Things'will change. Don't rush into it. Don't calculate, don't predict. Just go with it :)"


S.Arun said...

APOORRRVAAAAA!!!!!! This is really much more than I can handle! :) GODDD!!! Never before have I felt like sliding into an ocean of Compliments! :D You've really made my day. Means more than anything else to me. I'll value each word of this :)

Oh, and yeah, you have a WONDERFUL narrative style. Go on and write that book of yours. I'll buy all of them. :D


the world is not enough said...

:D Thanks :)