Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good news, somewhat - 2

Remember the whole offer from two companies? Well, both of them HAD to get back to me today with their formal offers. And I have made a decision. Former. (Go check my earlier posts if you want to make head or tail out of this.) And some people are pissed by this. I know it's not conventional, to give it a tag; but it'll be different. I hope and I know. 6 months OK? If I fail I'll come back. But I won't. I want to do something different and what's wrong with that? Why must one always take the safer route? What happened to following Frost's poem in real life? Why should it stop with just reading and understanding?


Moonlight said...

All the best Apoorva! New media was always our favourite - even back when we were MOP! ;) I'm sure you'll do well here.

As for taking the road not taken, very few people have the courage to do that, so good for you :)

Apoorva Sripathi said...

Haha thanks :) What happened to your old blog, I liked that!

I find the road-less-traveled to be much peaceful than the rest, don't you think?