Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How a one-rupee coin saved the day

Disclaimer: Extremely silly post

Today is supposed to be an awesome day. You know why? Because on my way to work I sighted, not one, but three good looking guys! In addition, I brought two lunches to work, actually a pre-snack lunch of sandwichespeanut butter and honey.

The great day continued with a colleague bringing thenkuzhal to work and another colleague opening a box of keerai kootu! At 7 ish, we were hungry after consuming all the food we had brought. So with a 10 rupees note in hand I proceeded to the boring canteen and bought three kadalai mittais and four butter biscuits. I later realised that I didn't have money to buy my daily quota of 5 rupees tea/coffee.

Two minutes later, my colleagues come up to me and ask if I can buy them biscuits and Cadbury Shots and give me a grand total of 30+20 rupees. Wanting to be on the safer side, I took along a 1 rupee coin and bought a packet of biscuits, some shots and a cup of coffee. So where does the one rupee coin feature, you ask? Well if I hadn't taken that one rupee coin along, I wouldn't have been able to buy 7 shots (each shot is 3 rupees and considering colleague gave 20 rupees) and my cup of coffee.

Well, I did put up a disclaimer didn't I?

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