Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reality check

Never thought it'd come to this; where I'd have to do justice to the title of my blog. But I guess it's for the best right? I mean, I'm always this confused, confused girl. I have second thoughts about most decisions (only because a better one always comes along!). And I still haven't realised what I want, I'm sure I'm always going to be searching for something. But I demand instant happiness, especially from a career that I will love and cherish and till death do us part. And so two weeks ago when my health scared me, into a cave, and made me realise that work isn't everything, I'm now sitting back and pondering on the reality check that dear life has to offer me.

1. Life's too short (yeah yeah done before, I know)
2. Know what you want. At least a vague idea just to answer people's questions.
3. Learn to say NO. (This one's a toughie)
4. Laugh, a lot. Love, a lot. Forget, all the time.
5. Eat, no matter what happens. And protect your lunch from nasty-always-hungry-colleagues.
6. Read before you go to sleep. Just about anything.
7. Chill (I don't know how else to word this)

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