Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why not

What is wrong about having a botched CV?
Or leaving your job in the first few months to think about what you *really* want?
What is SO wrong about being confused?

Maybe I haven't figured it all, maybe I'm being lazy. Maybe I like my incomplete CV.

Sometimes it doesn't really matter does it? You have all these ambitions and goals you set out to achieve, start building a tower of cards but a gust of wind knocks it down. You start again only to realise that the wind persists and knocks it down, again. Starting from the bottom of the pyramid is the toughest but at least you're in the game. Also, I don't get hazaar people giving gyaan like "oh but think about your CV, it's going to look bad," or "work for 6 months, it'll be effective on your CV," "just grit and plough on." While all of this does makes sense, why haven't I got one that goes, "just be happy in what you're doing?" But I've also learnt one thing on the side. Why wait to hear something like this? It's ok to be confused, to not know what you want (but not for long). Whatever happens today (and everyday) happens for a reason, good or bad. Whatever happens, I will move on. Start afresh.

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