Saturday, March 22, 2014

On running

You know what should actually get a bad rap? (no, it's not rep. I checked.) Raping, sexism, stealing, anger... Instead, running has suddenly become a vice. I write to dispel that wayward notion that has been put into your heads.

Running has increasingly become my go-to choice for comfort, second only to anything chocolate. Music and books, I see you to(w)o. At this point forget everything you've heard about running and by that I mean, "ew so sweaty," to "In Chennai and outside? Har har, good luck," or "You wear sports bra no? Or two normal bras?" or even "Carry pepper spray I say, like dumbbells but with protection." Clean slate? OK, now listen to me.

Running is like therapy, but costs less and only involves you. Two, if you count your iPod. There are days when I've had to take decisions - some tough, some easy but equally tormenting - and I've always turned to running for an answer. It hasn't disappointed me, yet. I'm going to go out on a limb and say - running is a state of mind; it relieves stress and makes one feel good about oneself, while making you sweat. (Haven't you heard of "comes with a price?")  I've made better decisions after a run and I'm almost always happy with them. I've had my terrible days as well, but who doesn't? I have to admit, I did start running with an aim to lose weight and so far that hasn't happened. Surprise, surprise. But what I am amazed by it is for something that involves frantic movement, the end result is quite calm. Like charming opposites that attract.

I know many of you think that running borders on masochism, a concept that also explains why some women wear high heels, and yes your body does hurt but I have an analogy that might fit the bill. You know how when you really want to pee and you have to hold it for long but when you do finally relieve yourself, the feeling is out of the world? This is quite similar to that. Of course, I'm not suggesting you actually hold your pee all the time. Or consider slaving over a dish that you've been making for hours and the end product looks like it is right out of the Food52 kitchen. Or a story/website that you've been working on but what you end up with is something you've never imagined because it's too perfect to be explained. That. Running itself is perfect.

The beautiful thing about running with my headphones on is that I truly believe I can do anything. It gives me a sense of what life would be like with the right background music. Perfect.

But what do I like most about running? The fact that there are more than a dozen Pinterest boards to endorse it.

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