Friday, July 18, 2008


I was just reading "The stars shine down" by Sidney Sheldon and this random thought crossed my mind. Lara Cameron had everything she wanted and they all came to her (if you know what I mean) yet love was one thing she went after. I mean, I've had a lot of people tell me (actually its more like I heard people talking but anyway) that "you don't go after love, it comes after you" and thats the route to a successful one. On the contrary, in this story Lara goes after Philip, she actually stalks him! In the end they get hitched and yeah live their life with little problems here and there, but they're together and that is what matters. Philip falls for her too! Ok so this is how it works?? In books. Period. In reality? Consider this.

Case 1:
Girl and Guy meet. They talk. They message. Guy gives signals, major ones at that! Girl says "ok fine, let me go ahead." Girl tells guy she likes him. Guy says "no I never liked you that way, let's be friends." Girl agrees (what else can she do?)

Case 2:
Same as Case 1 but little different!

My point?
Well not everyone are Lara and Philip, but they try, unsuccessfully though. Seriously never go after love, wait till it comes to you. Or thats what I observed.

Moral of the story:
Oh what the heck!

P.S. JW = Just wondering, if you didnt get it!

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poopi said...

i think one has to wait for love to grow rather than wait for it to "come". And nothing in life is perfect!! and ppl have a romanticized version of what love is :) reality is far from that!!