Sunday, July 13, 2008

Transformed? :O

Journalism has transformed my creative style of writing to a more serious, matter-of-fact and a professional one! True it's all for the good, but it feels like "my creative wings" have been clipped off. Been more than a year since I wrote something creative, something to satisfy my creative self! Used to be days wherein writing would be only work for the day - poems,rantings,musings,cravings,doodlings(yes!),crappings! everything under the sun! I miss all that, really! :( So the bottomline you ask? Will, rather have to get back at writing that!

Yesterday, I took up painting once again! (you guessed right, it had been shelved up for long, thanks to my never-say-die laziness and my wicked mind, hehe!) I had lost touch seriously! almost made me cry (I'm very sensitive about these things you see!!) Anyway I just sat there (along with my sis) and painted the usual- "a scenary". Full of greens and reds. Made me feel "light" after a REALLY long time. I felt so free, like I was in my own world, I let the creativity flow! Ahh..... It made me forget all my worries. Painting is a real stress reliever, just like music! That reminds me, I have to charge my music player :)

So I made two discoveries while writing this: 1) Old habits die hard and 2) If one is determined to waste time, all avenues are open!! Just kidding!