Friday, June 29, 2012

BOTD - 2

I skipped a day I know. I'm terribly bad at following up with let's say stuff. Also since I have so much time to kill, I don't really feel the need to keep myself busy, in other words I'm lazy and cannot get my ass off that couch.

Now back to the post. Today I'm featuring: Mugshot-Monday.

Hello, this is HAS to be the coolest website I've seen since bookshelfporn. A-what-now? Bookshelves ok? That's the only kind of porn I watch, anyway that website is for later. Back to Mugshot for now.

The description says its all: "A collection of really rad folks and their mugs" and I couldn't agree more. Forget Monday, I'd drool over this everyday, wouldn't you? You can send your mugshot as well. Apparently this site also helps people find their partners, networks and if you're lucky--a job! (That reminds me I must send my mugshot, I'd get lucky maybe.)

The website filter mugshots by cities in the U.S so if you want to see how mugs differ from city to city, there you go. It also profiles people featured. To sum up great looking mugs, go get your drool on then!

Ooh my favorite mug is bright canary yellow, what color is yours?

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